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Imaging of Bone Tumors (lecture) - Dr.Ahmed Refae

Imaging of Bone tumors 
Dr.Ahmed Refaey

  • Primary bone tumors are relatively uncommon, and malignant bone tumors are far less common than benign. 
  • The true incidence of benign bone tumors is difficult to estimate since the majority are asymptomatic and therefore are likely never discovered. 
  • The incidence of bone sarcoma is estimated to be 0.8/100,000 individuals; bone sarcomas occur 10x less frequently than soft tissue sarcomas. 
  • While some bone tumors or tumor-like lesions may be easily identified by radiographic characteristics, many require further imaging. 
  • Diagnosis, staging, and biopsy can be challenging and usually depend heavily on imaging. 
  • When evaluating bone tumors, it is important to consider the relative incidence of the lesion. 
  • Enchondroma and nonossifying fibroma/benign fibrous cortical defect are the most frequent benign lesions, while metastatic tumor and multiple myeloma are the most common malignant lesions, followed by osteosarcoma, chondrosarcoma, and Ewing sarcoma. 
  • There are also diseases associated with development of bone tumors; these underlying diseases may be known by clinical history or may be apparent on imaging studies. 
  • High-risk associations for development of sarcomas include enchondroma (particularly in Ollier and Mafucci disease, degenerating to chondrosarcoma), familial retinoblastoma syndrome (osteosarcoma), and Rothmund-Thompson syndrome (osteosarcoma). 
  • Moderate-risk associations include osteochondroma (chondrosarcoma), Paget disease (osteosarcoma and other sarcomas), and previous irradiation (osteosarcoma and other sarcomas). 
  • Low-risk associations include bone infarct (malignant fibrous histiocytoma), fibrous dysplasia (fibrosarcoma), chronic osteomyelitis, metallic and polyethylene implants, osteoblastoma, giant cell tumor, and chondroblastoma.  

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