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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Our commitment to privacy
Your privacy and that of your patients is very important to While the purpose of the Platforms is to facilitate the sharing of information and knowledge (including radiographic images, case notes and other content relating to radiology), we keep your personal information safe and secure and only use it for the purposes described in this privacy policy. We publish this policy explaining our online information practices and the choices you can make about the way your information is collected and used so that you can make an informed decision about using and/or registering for any Platform, and learn how your use and/or registration may affect your privacy.
This privacy policy applies to information collected through any Platform. By accessing any Platform, you acknowledge and agree to the uses of information described in this privacy policy.

The information we collect about you
User Information
User Information is information that is provided by you to us when you register online for any Platform, including your:
·         Username and password
·         Surname
·         First name
·         Position title (professional)
·         Country
·         Email address

IP Address
Every computer connected to the Internet is associated with a unique numerical identifier, known as an Internet Protocol address (IP Address). When you access our services via any Platform, our servers need to know your IP Address, which is sent automatically when information is requested by you (e.g. web page showing a particular patient case contained on the website).
When logged in to any Platform, we may associate your IP Address with your login. When you are not logged in, we do log your IP Address but do not automatically link your IP address to any other information that would enable us to identify you. However, if it becomes necessary to enforce compliance with our Terms of Use, or to protect our Platforms, other users or third parties (e.g. patients), we may attempt to use the logged IP address with other information to attempt to identify you. In addition, we use IP Addresses to determine the approximate geographic location of the device you used to access our Platforms.
Usage Data
Usage Data includes general information about how you interact with the web pages and websites on the Platforms. This is collected using cookies (or similar technologies) placed by us and others (see ‘Who the information is shared with’ below). Cookies are small pieces of data sent from a website and stored in a web browser, and which may assign an anonymous identifier to the user. Usage Data includes:
·         pages you visited on our websites
·         how you came to the website (e.g. via our newsletter)
·         which particular buttons or links on the site you clicked
·         whether you have been to the site before
The way we use information
User Information
We use your User Information for communicating with you in relation to the Platforms, including contacting you in relation to your contributions, managing newsletter distributions, directly marketing products to you and notifying you of administrative matters, such as changes to this privacy policy or alterations to the Terms of Use.
If you are a registered user, we also publish your User Information, excluding your email address, on your profile contained within the Platforms. Other users may contact you via a ‘contact user’ link in your profile. However, when this link is activated and a communication window opens, your email address remains hidden to the user.
We may also use your User Information in the ways described below.
Usage Data
We use Usage Data to understand the online behavior of our users. In particular, using web analytics services on the Platforms enables us to measure, collect, analyze and report on Usage Data for the purposes of understanding and optimizing users’ experiences on the Platforms. It also enables us to focus our marketing activities, which, in turn, help us to develop the Platforms.
Geographical location information contained in the Usage Data enables us to tailor your experience on the Platforms by displaying different content based on your location, such as local advertising offers, and content in your local language.
We also use Usage Data for remarketing (sometimes called retargeting) to better target ads to users. Retargeting uses cookies to identify users who visit a website showing a particular brand of goods or services and then targets advertisements of that brand to that user on other websites.
Anonymity of cases/images
It is a requirement of the Terms of Use that all patient cases uploaded to any Platform by each user are de-identified such that the identity of each patient to whom the content included in the case relates (e.g. radiographic images and case notes) is not reasonably identifiable. If you become aware of any case from which you feel you (as a patient) or another person is reasonably identifiable, please contact us immediately at  
Information which should NOT appear on any patient cases uploaded to any Platform includes, but is not limited to:
·         name
·         initials
·         date of birth
·         address, including full or partial postal code
·         telephone or fax numbers or contact information
·         e-mail addresses
·         unique identifying numbers (e.g. UR, MRN, HID etc..)
·         vehicle identifiers
·         medical device identifiers (e.g serial numbers)
·         web or internet protocol addresses containing any link to the patient
·         biometric data
·         facial photograph or comparable image
·         names of relatives
·         date of the study
Additionally, if a case is, for one reason or another, unique in such a way that could lead to the identification of an individual from the images alone, then it should not be uploaded. This means that a case which has, for example, been featured in the media or shows particularly rare symptoms is usually inappropriate for upload. Similarly, the textual information accompanying the text should also be devoid of identifying information, and devoid of other unnecessary information which could aid in the identification of a patient.
Note: Our privacy policy does not override the individual policies of institutions, and users should ensure that they are using images within their local guidelines.
We take patient privacy very seriously, and failure to abide by these rules constitutes a breach of our privacy policy and Terms of Use. If you upload a case containing patient information, or from which a person is otherwise reasonably identifiable, your case will be deleted from the Platforms immediately upon our becoming aware of its existence and we may take such action against you as permitted under the Terms of Use.


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