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Sub-arachnoid hemorrhage with intraventricular extension :: case study

Non contrast multislice CT of the brain

  •    Fresh blood density is seen smearing the cortical sulci and extraaxial CSF spaces as well as  as basal  cisterns and cerebellar follia with extension to the 4th , 3rd and both lateral ventricles .Extensiove subarachnoid hemorrhage
  •    Well defined oval shaped hyperdense intracerebral lesion , seen in right frontal region , measures about  3x4x5 in AP ,TS and CC in its maximal diameter , surrounded by perifocal brain oedema.
  •    Infra and supratentorial ventricles are dilated denoting the presence of hydrocephalus .
  •   Preserved normal gray-white matter interface.
  •    Normal extra-axial CSF spaces & basal skull cisterns.
  •    Normal appearance of the brain stem and cerebellum .
  •    Scanned para-nasal sinuses are clear .
  •    No fracture line seen

@  Sub-arachnoid hemorrhage with intraventricular extension .
@  Right frontal intracerebral acute hematoma  .

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